Lab members

Rosemarie Grantyn

Rosemarie Grantyn, Prof. Dr. med.
Group leader
Current focus: Plasticity of synaptic inhibition.
Synaptic disorders in Huntington‘s and Parkinson's disease

Anton Dvorzhak, Dr. rer. nat.
Current Focus: Astrocyte-neuron interactions in Huntington‘s and Parkinson‘s disease

Igor Melnyk

Igor Melnyk, Dr.
Visiting Scientist
Astrocyte functions in Huntington's Disease

Anna W√≥jtowicz Anna Wójtowicz, Dr. rer. nat.
Current Focus: Deficient GABA signalling in Huntington's disease.
Anna Santaella Anna Santaella, BA
Technical Assistant

D. Fradera, MA
Scientific assistant.
Current Focus: Image acquisition and quantification. Computer graphics. Sensory aspects of language processing.